The purpose of this campaign was to demonstrate that what defines us is not our race or age but something more integral. This shoot was also an extension and response to our previous shoot, Confidence.

This last campaign, Confidence, was met with mixed reaction. Not everyone saw our images as empowering and positive. Some found the stances of our models simply too bold. It was also suggested to us that we replace our diverse models with a more conventional standard.  

While we appreciated that our approach had been perhaps too forward for some, reneging on our commitment to feature a more honest representation of women would have been taking a step back for us. That said, we wanted to find some common ground. 

Our decision was to maintain diversity in our models but to present their body language in a more subtly positive way. We also chose models who exhibited self possession and embodied the essence of our campaign. Quite simply, they have substance.

We are aware that changing long-accepted norms in fashion marketing is not always immediately welcome. However, we also know many women want to see a change in how models are portrayed in advertising. As a fashion brand, we believe we bear responsibility in this regard. To this end, we will continue to celebrate diversity and honesty in our imagery.

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Feminine & Bold