Our Story

Rose & Willard is a slow fashion, award-winning career wear label based in London.

We create beautifully-crafted, enduring luxury for the modern, professional, individual woman -
a woman who knows what she wants & stands up for what she believes in. 

Our name means, literally, Feminine & Bold. These words embody the principles, aesthetic and spirit of our brand.


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Our business wear collections

Our working wardrobe capsules comprise beautifully-designed pieces for career women whose focus is to perform. Versatility and functionality is written into every style. Many of our pieces are easy care - washable and crease resistant and so ideal for business travel and demanding career lifestyles.

We source only the finest fabrics - mostly from the leading mills of Italy - and pay absolute attention to every detail throughout the creative process. Every element is considered, every measure is meticulously examined and this is repeated until the fit and feel has been perfected. 

Our purpose is to fortify the style, elegance and confidence our customers embody. 


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Slow fashion officewear

Rose & Willard is a slow fashion office wear brand for ambitious, professional women with a conscience.

We are kind to people all along our value chain. We believe in fair relationships with our colleagues, suppliers and partners.

We are kind to the environment. We keep our air miles as low as possible - we design, manufacture and distribute from one location in London. We are fortunate that our customers also support our approach to minimal packaging which helps reduce waste and allows us to invest more into the quality of the product.


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Our founder

Heidy Rehman is the founder of Rose & Willard.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur Heidy had a long and successful career in the competitive, male-dominated, corporate world of finance and so understands the importance of being seen, heard and valued.

She appreciates the importance of projecting the right image and believes this can be achieved without compromising individual identity or style. She also acknowledges the confidence, and feeling of inner strength, that can be derived from wearing beautifully-made and carefully-crafted clothes.

Heidy has degrees in Mathematics and Applied Accounting. She is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered & Certified Accountants. During her years in the City as an equity research analyst she was top ranked for the Chemicals and Construction /Industrial sectors.

Heidy speaks regularly at events and covers subjects that relate mostly to women, such as equal pay, body image and imposter syndrome. She actively participates in charity and supportive community work and offers her time as a mentor to young professionals. She is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, and other media, and has written on business, politics, economics and social issues.

She is proud of her working class background and says this formed the basis of her belief that she takes nothing for granted. On occasion, Heidy has been described as a disruptor. She says this is a label she is happy to wear.                         



Feminine & Bold