Brand of Action

Feminine & Bold - the meaning behind Rose & Willard - is written into what we do as well as what we create.

We are more than a lifestyle brand, we are a brand of action.

We voice our opinions and stand up for what we believe in.


This is the language of our brand and the words that describe the Rose & Willard woman.

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Since our launch in September 2014, Rose & Willard has been proactive in promoting model diversity and honest imagery.

We want our customers to be empowered by the women they see on our site and for our images to be relatable.

A number of our fashion shoots have featured and celebrated women who are not professional models. 

Our Confidence editorial showed models who represent differences in race, physical ability, size, lifestyle and attitude. These women have been active advocates and campaigners for positive change. 

The aim behind our Ageless campaign was to demonstrate that a woman does not diminish with age, nor does her taste, femininity or sense of style. We wanted to include women across generations and in a way that promotes symmetry and unity.

There was no segmentation or differentiation in the pieces we chose for each model. We wanted to show that we design and craft genuinely to be timeless and ageless.  

Our policy on retouching is to use as little as possible and only to fine tune how our clothes appear. We do not alter the faces or bodies of our models. 

Rose & Willard was featured extensively in the press at the beginning of 2016 after stating that we would only work with models who were willing to eat with us. We did this because it saddened and worried us to see models starve themselves - and because of the impact the relentless pursuit of an unrealistic physical standard has on women and girls.

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Speaking & Writing

Rose & Willard's founder, Heidy Rehman, is invited regularly by organisations to speak on various issues, such as equal pay, body confidence, the portrayal of women in advertising and imposter syndrome. She was one of the speakers at the inaugural Women's Equality Party conference in 2016.

Heidy is also a speaker and mentor for Generation Success which offers career support and advice to the next generation of professionals. 

She is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post on issues relating to women, the fashion industry, economics and politics. She has also written for The Guardian, the i newspaper among others.


Charity Work

Rose & Willard supports a number of charities and not-for-profit organisations. 

Most recently we launched a number of feminist slogan t-shirts which are on sale here. The profits from these t-shirts will be donated to their respective charities.

The Theirworld t-shirt supports the #RewritingTheCode campaign whicih is to help create more positive, empowering language to describe girls and women.   

Sales from the Unseen red 'I am #feminineandbold' t-shirt is to help raise awareness of and the necessary funds for victims of human trafficking. Rose & Willard also donates its sample stock to Unseen for the women at its safe houses.

Rose & Willard also supports the Stemettes via sales of our navy 'I am #feminineandbold' t-shirt. The Stemettes is an organisation dedicated to inspiring more girls to study STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). 

Theirworld charity t-shirt, #RewritingTheCode, Rose & Willard          Theirworld charity t-shirt, #RewritingTheCode, Rose & Willard, slow fashion for the office          Unseen charity t-shirt, empowering women, human trafficking victim support, Rose & Willard, slow fashion in office          Stemettes charity t-shirt, empowering women, girls in STEM, Rose & Willard, slow fashion in office  

Rose & Willard supported the Durham University Charity Fashion Show 2017 which raised £75,000 for The International Rescue Committee. A number of our suits featured in the show's 'Suit Walk'.

Rose & Willard was also a contributor to UBS' charity fundraising dinner auction - 'Food for Thought'. This raised funds for the Bridge Academy in Hackney, London, which was created by UBS for disadvantaged children.





Feminine & Bold