Women In Business Part 1: Breaking New Ground

The Team

Posted on September 19 2016

Confidence is at the heart of the Rose & Willard brand. Our name means ‘feminine & bold’, and every aspect of our brand reflects this. Body language is always a focal point in our work and this season’s new collection expands on this.

Our models assert a move away from conformity. With Rose & Willard models, you won’t see the skinny, pouting and/or submissive poses that you’re used to. You will see bold, confident women with a diverse look. These women don’t hold back, don’t feel the need to please and or to yield.

To help engender more of a spirit of self-belief, we recently held a talk titled ‘Confidence Tricks’ alongside a preview of our AW16 collection. This event took place at The Clubhouse at St James’ Square and we welcomed more than 40 professional, ambitious and keen women. The issue of confidence, assertiveness and body language is clearly one that resonates with many of us.

Discussion centred on self-assurance and body language. Rose & Willard founder, Heidy Rehman, discussed specifics insights on the perception of women in the media and beyond. She talked about these themes in relation to the new collection and the brand as a whole (more details on next week’s blog).  

Psychotherapist Natasha Abbasi – a former City financier and current Rose & Willard customer – followed up by talking about how the issue of ‘not being good enough’ is prevalent among many of her clients and women in particular. Natasha then made a slideshow presentation on How To Assertively Handle Workday Challenges. Many scenarios involved looking through the lens of the Parent/Adult/Child model.

The discussion opened up key issues for women. “We are all confident. We just need to access it,” she explained. We talked about the need to fight our internalised messages and learn to let go. How we must learn to believe in ourselves and feel comfortable in our own skin.

That’s not to say it’s easy. As Natasha says: “You cannot simply think yourself confident.”

Among the practical solutions to workplace issues, we talked about how breathing exercises help to keep us grounded and provide a centre of gravity. This sense of giving yourself space - and taking up space - is a crucial part of confidence. The Rose & Willard models are not afraid to face the camera head on and stand with a wider stance. By adopting what might traditionally be seen as masculine poses, they are sending out a different message about women and the equality we deserve.

During the post-talk Q&A, many attendees asked questions and commented on how the discussion had struck a chord with them. Natasha talked about women gaining a sense of empowerment in the workplace and beyond. This is certainly an idea that Rose & Willard is proud to champion.


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Our next blog post will give more insights into the inspirational women behind our recent photoshoot with the first instalment in our Body Language series. 


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