Women Are Getting Smarter & Wealthier

The Team

Posted on November 20 2015

The workplace landscape is changing. There are more women and this trend is only set to continue because women are getting smarter and wealthier.

According to UNESCO: the number of female students in tertiary institutions has grown almost twice as fast as that of men since 1970."

This view has been echoed by the ICEF Monitor (market intelligence agency). In 2005 women represented 55% of the higher education student population in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) area - 1.2 women to every man. By 2025 this is expected to reach 1.4 women to every man. In some countries (Austria, Canada, Iceland, Norway, the United Kingdom) there could be almost twice as many female students as male.

A similar trend is occurring in the developing world, especially the Middle East.

With women accounting for the larger proportion of graduates, the job market inevitably has to change. In fact it already has and female employment participation rates are mostly rising.

The tide is most definitely turning and it can't be held back.

As women gain financial strength through education and employment, this will lend itself to greater lobbying power when negotiating with governments and corporates for equal pay, better childcare and a seat at the top table.

And everyone would benefit as higher and persistent rates of inclusion of women in the workforce should also prove a boost to GDP.

Equal pay remains one overriding obstacle. In the US and UK an average full-time female employee still earns only around 75-80% of that earned by her corresponding male counterpart.

Family-friendly policies is another issue and seems the most likely reason for the decline in US female employment rates. 

But it is changing and as women continue to make their own money it’s going to go on changing.


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