Not Just A Pretty Work Dress: Behind the Scenes

The Team

Posted on September 05 2016

Upon entering Rose & Willard’s creative studio in South Bermondsey, the atmosphere that greets you is nothing short of intoxicating. Rail upon rail of clothes line the entrance hall with luxurious fabrics and smooth lines jostling for space. This busy introduction leads out into a vast space with scrubbed white walls and industrial-style drop lamps. The windows stretch high and wide, flooding the room with natural light and energy.

A team of women is hard at work, standing beside high tables with garments spread before them in various states of production. The atmosphere is charged with creativity and a sense of purpose. To the left two women sit opposite one another, their heads bent low over sewing machines.

Amanda, the resident office dog and Instagram star, lies quietly on the floor. As the women work away on the machines and measure the fabrics, she keeps one eye on everything going on around her. All focus is on the job at hand.

This is a brand that has an edge in every aspect of their offering. A brand that shows women that they should not be afraid to stand up and be counted. Rose & Willard is not just a fashion label but also a thinking woman’s business. 

Timeless Fashion

The office has an SE postcode, far away from the West End or East End fashion houses and in a part of the city where there is no need to fight for space. And space is exactly what Rose & Willard needs to fulfil their creative vision. This is a brand that truly values the creative process. They take fashion seriously.

At the centre of it all is a desire to revive the British manufacturing industry. Every part of the design process and brand management takes place in the UK, working to create demand for British-made products.

Quality is clearly of the essence. Every piece in the limited edition collections is made to last. The luxury craftsmanship brings another level to workwear classics. The clothing is also designed to encourage women to own their space and feel confident in their skin. 

The Modern Woman

Attention to detail is everything and standards are high. The team and fit models try on every piece to test the fit and style, observing every line and stitch in the full-length mirrors.

At Rose and Willard, every member of the all-female team is ambitious and empowered. They embody the brand ethos that women can be both smart and well dressed. Using timeless, versatile womenswear to make their statement, it’s clear that they mean business.

Rose & Willard specialise in creating the businesswear that women need to perform in their careers – with this in mind the team certainly puts on quite a show.


Feminine & Bold