Our Commitment to Minimal Packaging in a Bid to Support the Environment

The Team

Posted on May 03 2017

We all know that singular feeling of opening and unwrapping a beautifully-packaged parcel. At that moment we feel special and indulged, especially if there's some personalisation unique to us.

In our conversations with marketing experts we've always been told that it's vital that the customers experience a 'high quality unwrapping moment'. We've been presented with numerous samples of luxury boxes, bags and wrapping, all of which can be branded and/or personalised. Some of it is truly beautiful and we have no doubt that it would be a delight to receive.

Our questions, however, have always been - would it simply be thrown away, can it be reused and can it be recycled?

We carried out some research and found that packaging, for the most part, is thrown away. If it's particularly beautiful, it will be kept for a time but generally not reused.

In terms of recycling, the more luxury the packaging the more likely it is to be laminated. Unfortunately, neither laminated paper nor cardboard can be recycled.

Being a company committed to keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible these findings presented something of a challenge for us. We wanted our customers to enjoy the experience of receiving a Rose & Willard purchase but didn't want to provide packaging that people would simply throw away or never use.

What we opted for was good quality but a limited amount packaging and for it to be reusable and/or recyclable - tissue paper, stickers, a reusable cotton tote bag and a tape measure for customers to keep and use (it is wrapped around a small piece of recyclable card).

Our marketing advisors told us that this would make our customers think our product wasn't luxury enough.

So we did some more research.

There is a psychological effect known as priming.  Quite simply, when exposed to certain stimuli our subconscious responses can be shaped in a certain way. For example, participants in a research study were told the word 'yellow'. They were then asked to name a piece of fruit. Banana was the fruit chosen by most. The conclusion is that the association via the word 'yellow' had 'primed' the respondents' answers.

In marketing is it believed that customers can be 'primed' to assume a product is luxury by the wrapping. If the wrapping is luxurious and expensive, the customer will more likely assume that the product is equally high end even if it's not. This explains why our marketing gurus advised to opt for luxury packaging.

What we feel comforted by is that our product is genuinely luxury. As we explain in our process our fabrics and materials are sourced from the finest producers and our creative team and seamstresses are highly skilled who take great care with every piece. We incorporate the finest finishes, including French seams and internal binding. 

We would also say that adding expensive packaging would increase the overall cost to the customer. After all, companies need to pass on these costs in order to generate a profit.  

Rose & Willard customers will always know that we will continually endeavour to offer high quality products and to pass on as much value to them as possible. We also thank them for supporting our initiatives to protect the environment by accepting our environmentally-friendly packaging.


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