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Posted on December 13 2015

A wry smile seems finally to be emerging in the fashion world...and it's about time.

Fashion and humour have rarely gone hand-in-hand. When we launched our two videos - The Codfather and A Fishy Tale (to promote our fish leather pieces) - not everyone laughed. In fact some people recommended caution telling us that .."people who wear fashion take it very seriously...". But surely everyone likes to laugh. 

So why has fashion only mostly eschewed humour in its marketing campaigns, especially when almost every other industry has welcomed it with open arms?

There are various theoretical reasons but ultimately we think the fashion world has avoided humour because it wants fashion to be more than just clothes and perhaps considers that injecting humour will undermine this mission.

Perhaps it has been worrying unnecessarily. When the Zoolander stars (Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson) made cameo appearances at Valentino's SS16 Paris Fashion show the reaction on social media was immediate, wide-reaching and positive.

Prada has also had positive reactions to its humorous videos - 'A Therapy' by Roman Polanski and 'Castello Cavalcanti' by Wes Anderson.

Does this mean the ice is finally breaking? That would certainly be encouraging not least because we believe fashion needn't take itself so seriously. It's not frivolous, it's not superficial, it's a representation of culture, identity, progress, creativity and much more. 

And that is why we shall continue to make funny videos. We're also going to look forward to the release of Zoolander 2 which is due out in the UK in February 2016.

We launched our videos - A Fishy Tale and.....

....The Codfather to promote our fish leather pieces.



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